October 20, 2014

New Found Love

I always have one compact powder foundation on me when I'm out and about —just in case my foundation disappears throughout the day or for an unplanned drink meal at the pub straight after Uni. I mean... you never know (and I've got classes from 9-5, I deserve a break). MAC Studio Fix Powder has been my trusty ol' pal for many years, but recently it's been tossed in a corner and made place for NARS All Day Luminous Powder Foundation.

Besides being housed in a chic, sleek and sturdy compact, it has the perfect mirror for on-the-go touch ups or when you want to check yourself out (oh, come on, don't deny it). As the name suggest, it actually does stay on all day, which is quite shocking as that rarely happens on my skin.

The powder is a very fine, so I'd definitely recommend to tap your brush against the back of your hand (so the excess powder will fall off) before applying it onto your face directly for a more natural and blended finish. It's light to medium coverage and because the powder is so fine, you can easily build up the coverage without it looking cakey or unnatural. I've got the shades Deauville and Fiji, which are the perfect match for my skin tone – Fiji for now and Deauville when I'm at my 'palest'.

It's very lightweight and comfortable to wear, which is what I find very important for face products. Once applied it leaves a luminous yet slightly mattifying finish that leaves your skin look like you just woke up like 'dis. I tend use this as a touch up powder, dust it over my foundation when going on a night out for extra coverage or on top of a tinted moisturiser/double-lettered cream on a lazy day a.k.a.) all day, err' day for a natural and nearly-flawless base.




  1. "Check yourself out" haha. This powder sounds too good to be true, I was deliberating gettting the NARS powder or the Laura Mercier translucent powder, I got the LM one as it makes my skin set in place and glowy. Saying that it dropped from my vanity yesterday and yes white powder everywhere *nightmare*

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

  2. It is really nice —it's the only thing that managed to replace my MAC Studio Fix Powder which has been a staple for about 7 years (cray, I know). This powder does have a hint of colour, so if you'd opt for a translucent one, I'd definitely recommend ByTerry Hyaluronic Powder.


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