November 10, 2014

A Pinch of Salt

Stress, check. Sleepless nights, check. A solution? Work in progress... I generally am not a person who takes baths (I love my showers), but Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts have kinda converted me. Claimed to be the "natural version of Valium", it's a great way to winddown from a long and stressful way and just breathe.

It contains Himalayan Mineral Salts, powdered Amethyst and a blend of essential oils of Lemongrass, Juniper and Geranium. The salt crystals are pink (I know!) and are supposed to balance your pH levels and aid your body to establish equilibrium. It also has blood purifying and anti-inflammatory properties and I do feel really relaxed afterwards.

This is definitely saved for a pamper day, as it's far too expensive to use on a daily basis (for me at least). What I do love, is to add a nice scoop of bath salts in a tub and have a foot bath. It helps me fall asleep and apparently foot baths aid to detoxify the body. I wouldn't say this is a foolproof way to fall asleep, especially among us insomniacs, but it definitely has helped me winddown and relax a bit. Maybe it's the relaxing aroma or maybe it's just the myths behind the Himalayan Salts. I don't know, but what I do know is that I'll definitely continue using them.




  1. natural version of valium??? lol.

    i like the idea of bath salts but some, like these, can be really expensive and sort of like a luxury item. but then again, the basic epsom salt is like super cheap so maybe i should use that and add in drops of oils myself.


    A Beautiful Zen

  2. Yeah... their words, not mine ha! It is super expensive and definitely more of a treat than a regular thing. But yeah, I'd definitely go for Epsom Salts and add some relaxing bath oils. Just make sure they're organic so you can still enjoy the benefits to some extend.

  3. This photo is stunning, girl. These salts have been sitting in my Cult Beauty basket for the last 2 weeks! (To buy or not to buy? The 30 off 150 definitely isn't helping this question...) But now I feel like I need to try them even more. And that packaging?! Sigh....
    XO Camey

  4. Thanks Camey! It is such a splurge... (and treat!) Perhaps a good idea to put it on your Christmas wish list?

  5. I adore these salts, but why must they be so expensive? Ugh.
    Also, your photography is gorgeous <3 So happy I found your blog :)

    Dar |


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