December 17, 2014

My Christmas Wish List

After all this Christmas gift guide making, it got me thinking of what I would want for Christmas. Weirdly enough, it actually took me quite a few hours to compile a list with things I actually needed wanted and not just random things thrown in the list. And as good as my taste is, the things aren't exactly cheap. What can I say? Good taste comes with a price.

If you've noticed, I'm kind of obsessed with books on food and healthy living. Bar Tartine and The Fat Radish Kitchen Diaries seem to tick the boxes I set to the T. Gorgeous photography, healthy recipes that look and taste delicious (from what I've heard), and most importantly: don't take a kitchen genius to re-create. Sometimes I shop with my eyes – a.k.a. most of the time – which is how the Pierre Hardy for NARS collection caught my eye. Their blushes Boys Don't Cry and Rotunde are just a feast for the eye and as a Pierre Hardy fan, this collection just made me do a slow clap behind my laptop. That's how excited I am.

I've been trying quite a lot of different skincare products in the past year, however there have still been some bits that I've never had the chance to try and I've never really stopped thinking about. Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm would be the longest product on the list. It's packed with Calcium and Magnesium Carbonate, which cleanses the skin and draws out impurities, whilst the Almond Oil shots and nourishes the skin. With the winter cold floating in the sky, nourishment is vital in terms of skincare. Argan Oil has been something I've used way back (and loved), but kinda forgot about. With the buzz around Kahina Giving Beauty, it triggered my mind and got me excited again. Their Travel Basics set – containing Argan Oil, Facial Cleanser and Facial Lotion – seems to be the perfect way to dip my toes in the pool again.

Finding a good fragrance is like finding a good lipstick – it's something that represents you and seals your look. I'm quite picky with my fragrances and something that I've fallen head over heels with is ByRedo La Tulipe. The name caught my eye since tulips are among my favourite flowers and the packaging is just what I love: classic and simple. The scent is floral and very sophisticated. (I suck at describing scents in case you hadn't noticed). To stay on the topic of scents, Malin + Goetz Votive Set has been on my wish list for quite a while. It contains 3 of their vegetable soy candles, in the scents Dark Rum, Vetiver and Tobacco. An interesting combination of scents, but yet very intriguing.

Should I say I saved the most expensive best for last? If you're a frequent user of Instagram or if you follow fashion bloggers, you must've seen Larsson & Jennings popping up her and there, though their Liten Black has earned a spot in my heart. With ∅33 it's a tad smaller than their original watch, but I think that'd fit me and my wrist perfectly. Also, I'm kinda loving smaller watches as they look more delicate. And the last one on this year's list? It's the Gucci Mini Bamboo Shopper. I've been in love with their Large Bamboo Shopper for years now (that blue tote is going to be mine when I get my first – or second – pay check), so when I saw this mini variant I was over the moon. On a day-to-day basis I love using smaller bags to limit the junk I carry with me and this one seems just perfect. Although it is much slightly cheaper than the large tote, I'm doubting I've been that good this year for Santa to treat me this grandly. Better luck next year I guess?




  1. I love Kahina Giving Beauty; I haven't tried their cult argan oil, but their Night Cream is the best I've come across and the Fez Hand & Body Balm is the silkiest with a uniquely addicting scent. I purchased the Travel Basics set as a Christmas gift for my sisters. It's on sale for $46 at Gilt which makes it a steal from the original $85 price tag

  2. Oh my that is such a great deal! I feel like the States always have the better sales, fingers crossed it'll be marked down here as well!

  3. the Omorovicza Balm is ok~ but I highly recommend you their cleansing foam and Queen of Hungary Mist~ Or their deep cleansing mask~

  4. Oh, the Queen of Hungary Mist is lush. Their Deep Cleansing Mask is on my radar too!

  5. haha, anyway, my fav is the cleansing foam~ love it so much~ you should try it out~ I have a starter kit to recommend


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