February 4, 2015

There's An App For That

In my New Year's resolution post (here), one of the things I wanted to achieve this year was being more mindful and active in life. I've always had a thing for apps, as they just make life so much easier and organised. With my resolution in mind, I've sourced new apps and rediscovered forgotten apps —all with the same purpose: to get fit and be healthy.

I tend to organise my apps in different folders and the majority of these apps, I tend to use on a daily basis. The only app I just gave up using is the standard Health app, which just is utterly useless. That aside, I use the Nike+ Running app to track my runs. There's Runkeeper as well and having tried both, I like the Nike+ Running app much more. It tracks my pace, length, calories and route —leaving all the extra [unnecessary] features out.

To keep myself top fit for workouts, Uni and just life in general, I use the To Bed app —in fact, I've been using this for over 2 years now. It basically is a reminder app to tell me when it's time to head to my bed. You can set the time you wake up each day and the hours you want to sleep. Just that and nothing more. An app I don't use often enough is Calm. Like the name suggests, it's a simple app to help you to meditate, relax, rewind and simply calm down. I like this as it gives me the space and opportunity for me to allow myself to empty my brain or organise my thoughts. There are different themes and tunes you can select and I'm positive there's one that will suit you.

My Fitness Pal is most probably one of the more well known apps. I'm definitely not one to care much about the daily calorie intake, so I tend to fall in and out of love with the app. I think I can say we've been in an on-off relationship for years. I like this because I enjoy making lists and knowing what I've eaten all day is either worrying or satisfying. I did notice that if I used this routinely, I'd be more mindful when snacking and maybe would not reach for a second handful of raw nuts. They've also created a barcode scanner, making their database much wider than it already is. It's particularly great if that particular product isn't in their list and you just can't be bothered to fill in all the product details, as it does it automatically. You can also track your water intake, perfect for those who struggle with drinking water, as it can serve as a reminder and motivator at the same time.

A very recent discovery is Balanced. Think a reminder app to keep you motivated and focused on things that matter in life to you. There is a pre-set list of reminders you can choose from and you can create your own as well, and set a time interval. You can view some of my reminders in the image above. It's fairly simple and as a very forgetful person, these subtle reminders are just perfect to just remind you of anything. Be it drinking water, calling your parents or reminding yourself to leave your desk and stretch the legs. The very best part of all these apps? Aside from making life easier (and more fun), they're all free y'all and ready to download.  

PS. Yes, that's a floating pineapple as my background. 

(All apps are linked to the Apple iTunes store, apologies for Android users —most or all apps are also available in the Google Play Store)



  1. Apps are so great! But I usually can't stick to them and forget about them. I tried using to-do lists or study apps to help me keep on track but nope... easily distracted this girl.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  2. i have my fitness pal and just download the nike run app. i had the nike training app which was great for at home workouts before i started really hitting the gym.

  3. Oh, I think I need Balanced in my life, lol. I always forget about everything, mainly because I remember at the most weird times. For example, I usually call my parents once a week, but I sometimes forget to do it because I remember only at times when I can't call, and then forget when I'm at home after work. DISASTER.

  4. I just down loaded the To Bed and the Balanced app, they look great. The to bed app I'm definitely love king forward to using, I always struggle with giving myself enough time to sleep.
    I used fitness pal once, but it was more to learn what calories were in food and to get used to controlling the size of my meals, once I got a general idea of it all, I gave the app up. I felt that I was forming an unhealthy obsession with calories. It's so hit and miss that app.

    Thanks for the great selection of apps!

  5. I've got a very short attention span (and a lousy short-term memory) as well, so reminder apps are my life. If I don't have the time to do it at that moment, I'll just snooze and it pops up in 10 mins again – so good.

  6. I've never really used the Nike Training app, but I did download it when it first launched. Been in a lil' slump this week so need to get back on track soon, so will have a look in due course.

  7. Same! I always remember things when I'm in the shower or in bed, and when I don't write it down that second, I end up forgetting again. It's a never ending cycle... Sigh. But yes, gentle reminders are the best. And I just love ticking things off my list ha!

  8. I'm so glad you find it helpful! Yes, I agree. I don't think counting calories is a good thing to do, but as a person who tends to eat a lot/large portions without realising how many calories I take in one meal, it's quite handy to realise that eating too many healthy things is the same as eating unhealthy things.

  9. i like the balanced app, though i forget to use it :( I'll check out the To Bed app!


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