April 8, 2015


Over the years I've had to fly quite a few times, either because of a trip or special occasions that required me to fly back home, as I lived in Paris, London and now Leeds. Aside from having built quite an OK miles balance, I've created a tradition of buying (at least) one lipstick in duty free. Strangely they all tend to be CHANEL purchases, but what can I say... Me and CHANEL, we're just going to be best buds for life. Although their bags and shoes would be my first pick if I had the money, what better way to commemorate an occasion through a lipstick that I can wear whenever I am. (And that won't leave me bankrupt and in debt after one purchase).

CHANEL has recently reformulated their Rouge Coco Lipsticks into a more creamier and longer lasting formula. The line is split into 6 categories, based on Gabrielle [Chanel]'s lovers (reds), muses (corals), family (nudes), best friends (pinks) and artists (plums). I own Mademoiselle from the old formula, which I don't have with me right now, so I sadly can't do a comparison between the two [formulas]. However, I can say that 440 Arthur is amazing. It's a gorgeous warm-toned, medium orange red with a shiny – but not glittery – finish. It's rather opaque – the one swipe kind – but sheer enough to wear it during the day without getting weird looks and layer it for a more bold, evening look. It's not as hydrating as their Rouge Coco Shine range, but it doesn't dry my lips out, nor does it bleed or feather. It lasts a few hours on my lips, but is a goner when it comes to warm food and drinks.

Arthur's back story is that he was seductive, well cultured and mystically inclined English man. Arthur Capel, also known as ‘Boy’, was the great love of Gabrielle Chanel’s life. Boy inspired her, challenged her and captured her heart, hence their love story is reflected in a romantic shade of red —Arthur.

A not-so-new launch is their Rouge Allure Gloss. I've been meaning to pick these up, but despite the gorgeous packaging, I just couldn't really justify the price tag for a gloss. (FYI, I've never been that into glosses). But, that being said, nothing beats a quick browse in Duty Free. So back to the glosses, they have the "colour intensity of a lipstick with the lacquered shine of a lip gloss" —think best of both worlds. They range from semi-opaque to opaque, depending on the colour of the gloss (lighter shades are more sheer, whereas darker shades are more pigmented).

I've got 15 Sensible, which is a "yellow-toned pink with warm undertones and very faint micro-shimmer". It is slightly tacky and not as lightweight on the lips as they are marketing it. Then again, I'm not a frequent gloss user, so I may not be used to these formulas. The gloss lasted a few hours on me and it's definitely not one to go for when you hate re-applying throughout the day, as you'll have to have this on hand quite often. It does leave a slight tint after it's faded (or eaten), but nothing spectacular. I do like it using this because, 1) the shade is very pretty and suits my skin tone very well, 2) it's a great everyday lip colour because it's so sheer and 3) the packaging is just so pretty. #StoryOfMyLife



  1. Aah both look incredibly juicy and amazing! Great picks Weng I am going to wait till 'duty free' happens! ;-)

  2. of the range, i've been wanting Arthur too! partly b/c its my brother name partly b/c of the color. so far haven't much been tempted though since there's so many colors i already have but i love the packaging of these!


    A Beautiful Zen

  3. I don't own a Chanel lipstick yet but for me it's the feminine brand for sure so it's just a matter of time ;) not a big gloss fan too, the lipstick look amazing!

    Marjorie | http://unsoupconderose.blogspot.com/

  4. I adore Chanel's lipstick formulas, and have been itching to try out the glosses you featured. They look beautiful, not too shiny and sparkly, but moisturizing and easy-to-wear.

  5. I can't tell you how many times I have eyed up those new Chanel lipsticks- more often than not in duty free too! But can I chose a colour?! No is the answer. I had no idea about the back story behind the collection though. I love little anecdotes like that! I'm definitely going to have to make up my mind and finally bring one home with me X

  6. They are exactly that. So nice and easy to apply.

  7. The troubles of a lipstick hoarder. I know EXACTLY what you mean.

  8. Ohh their lipsticks are lovely. They're nourishing, creamy and a bliss to apply. Though if you want a lipstick that stays on all day without budging, they're definitely not the best in the market.

  9. Yes, that's exactly what I love about the glosses too! They do brighter colours, but I'm not sure how I feel about them. The lighter, more everyday colours are so easy to wear.

  10. I guess the backstory makes everything a bit more special haha! Arthur was my first pick as it was featured everywhere, and I love Reds. I'm definitely eyeing Adrienne as well, which seems like a gorgeous nude.

  11. Chanel is so good! I've both ;)


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