April 22, 2015

MANSUR GAVRIEL aka) The Bag That's Sold Out Every Time It's Back In Stock

Oh, Mansur Gavriel... I love you. I love your clean designs and subtle pop of colour. I love the fact your products are made from real leather in Italy and I love that – compared to other designer brands – you're in the more affordable spectrum. What I hate on the other hand, is that after getting my hands on the Bucket Bag I could never get my hands on the Large Tote. Until four weeks ago and I just know we're going to have so much fun and explore the world. End of love letter.

I got the Large Leather Tote in Black/Royal, which I've been eyeing for ages. I'm so glad I got the Large, as it's the perfect fit. Perfect for my length (1.64/5.1") and perfect for what I need it to be. As I searched high and low for pictures to see what fits in these totes, I thought it'd be nice to share what I carry with me. Two weeks ago, I flew back from home to Leeds, so this is not what I carry with me on an everyday basis (thank god), but more when I travel short haul.

Although the flight to and from England is just an hour, I like to be at the airport ahead of time, so I don't have to rush or feel stressed during check in, and have enough time to peruse the Duty Free section – what'd you expect. (I know Amsterdam Schiphol Airport actually has a built in museum, including pieces from van Gogh and Vermeer, which is amazing, but sadly not my terminal).

It's such a sturdy bag, but very prone to scratches on the leather, as it's very smooth. As a crazy-bag-lady and a perfectionist, each scratch breaks my heart a little bit, but I guess I'll just have to suck it up and be a big girl. Ramblings aside, the bag fits a shitload and I'd definitely recommend this as a work/Uni/everyday bag. So versatile and because it's so simple, it fits with errrythang.



  1. Its a gorgeous bag!! And you're carrying your entire household aren't you! :P


  2. UM, MAJOR ENVY. YOU HAVE TWO. (I know I'm typing in caps but I'm so jealous) ahhhh ;)

  3. yea i saw the super hype about these but...i feel like the bag would be heavy plus adding in all my life things? it would weigh a ton know? and i have a chronically injured knee so i try not to stress my body out with overweight bags (sometimes i a fail...sometimes i browse the mansur gavriel site bc i still want that bucket bag...)

  4. So I added it to my cart at Moda Operandi this week, went to the checkout page and it was gone! *so many tears*
    I'd be very wary of an open tote but I definitely want the mini bucket bag.

  5. Omg girl...major jelly. Love it. One of those bucket bags will be mine someday.

  6. If you want to get your hands on, you must subscribe to Net-a-Porter and MATCHESFASHION's product updates. That's how I got my hands on them!

  7. You'd be surprised how light the bags actually are! The leather is great, but not heavy at all. It's actually one of my lightest bags. But yeah, it definitely adds up. I've got my eye on the small bucket bags. I know I should stop, but oh well... Life is all about setting goals right? ;-)

  8. Yep, these sell out in a blink of an eye. Not kidding, that happened to me before... Definitely subscribe to MG product updates on e.g., Net-a-Porter, MATCHESFASHION, and the likes.

  9. I'm sure they will! Sending you good vibes from across the pond!


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