September 28, 2015

H&M are Stepping Up Their Beauty Game —
H&M Beauty Launch 2015

When I think H&M, the last thing I think of would be beauty. Their previous attempts to enter the beauty lovers’ heart was lousy, where it mainly contained low-quality products that weren't really worthy of investing in. Maybe it was the success of their sister brand & Other Stories beauty range, or the fact that beauty lovers are ruling the world (not really, but kinda): H&M have finally stepped up their beauty game with an amazing range of hair, makeup and body care.


September 23, 2015

The Empties Edit #6

And we're back. As you know, I've been ridiculously busy the past month. Having migrated from the Uni library to my parental nest, I'm currently in the midst of the postgrad madness, not knowing where to go or what to do. As if life wasn't hectic and stressful enough. Sigh. I didn't see the point of packing products that were nearly empty, so I put in some extra effort to finish a load before the big move. And you know what? It was surprisingly easy, as I genuinely enjoyed every one of 'em.


September 18, 2015

Live Life the Colourful Way

... is something I don't say or do. My wardrobe is very monochrome and minimalistic, with a few rare pops of colour. And whilst I do love a good bold lip, I don't experiment with makeup ever. (OK, I had my phase when I was 12/13 and wore different coloured eye kohl every day, but let's not talk about that moment right now). However, with my first – rather positive – encounter with Etude House's PLAY 101 pencils, I decided it was time to gain some courage and start exploring. And you know what? Whilst you definitely won't see me with rainbow coloured lids any time soon, I'm kinda loving electric blue on me...


September 15, 2015

What I'm Packing For My 4-Day Trip To London

The answer: a lot. As you're reading this, I'm currently either 1) on my way to the airport, 2) arrived, passed security and ordering a double-shot black Americano to wake me up or 3) been trekking around duty free to find MAC's Waterweight Foundation (impossible to get hands on in NL). Before you start oh-ing and ah-ing, this trip is not all going to be pleasure. I'm here for Social Media Week, a 4 day conference about social media for social media specialists. That being said, I've left Friday empty, so I'll have time to venture into the shops. Hence, I tried packing with the mindset of bringing more back with me, as I'm not quite sure when I'll be back in London again. I've tried my best putting together a mini emergency skincare kit, as it's going to be a hectic few days, and some makeup essentials that should stay on my face for at least 10 hours. May the force be with me...


September 13, 2015

Amsterdam Is Always A Good Idea

Sometimes you just need to relax, take 5 (days?) and be happy. Whilst money can't bring happiness, it does allow me to buy goods that bring me that much closer to being happy. I know I've been pulling the post-dissertation card rather often, but when I was offered to preview H&M's Studio A/W 2015 collection and buy it before the masses, I grasped that opportunity. And hey, any reason to visit Amsterdam is a good reason in my books.


September 9, 2015

A Collagen-Boosting Skincare Range

After Hyaluronic Acid, I think collagen is one of the most sought after skincare ingredient. I mean, who doesn't want plump and smooth skin? Well, I most certainly do. Whereas collagen is often found in skincare for mature skin, I'm a big advocate of the saying, ‘prevention is cure’. Balance Me's Collagen Boost range is great for all ages in my opinion —whether you're in your early twenties or early fifties. I mean... My Mum has basically been using it more often than I do, and she loves it. (And a second order has already been placed)...


September 5, 2015

Weekend Wish List #13

'Ya know, I haven't done one of these in a long time. Heck. I haven't been blogging for a long time. Apologies for being so M.I.A. in the past few months, but I come bearing good news: I finally finished my Masters degree! Wooohoo! After 5 years of University (a BA is 4 years in the Netherlands), I'm finally done with education —at least for another 3-5 years. Going back to why I'm writing this post is: I've never really stopped online shopping (don't judge) and reaching this 'milestone' has triggered a switch in my brain that keeps telling me I deserve a treat. So instead of going crazy and splurging on impulse treats buys, I'm being good by sticking with the online equivalent of window shopping —but not for long...

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