October 12, 2015

Und Gretel —Natural Makeup Done Well

Natural makeup brands are really starting to take off, mainly because of the very influential green beauty blogging community. Whereas I'm quite comfortable in the green beauty skincare segment, I've not yet found a brand that ticks all the boxes. Foundations are my main struggle and during a random Google search, I stumbled upon Und Gretel —a natural and organic German makeup brand created by MUA Christina Rothand and marketer Stephanie Dettmann. It was born based on the idea to provide great textures, formulations and bold/modern colours without using preservatives and toxins, creating a pure makeup brand without compromises.


October 8, 2015


I know overnight masks are no new thing and I'll be honest —I've tried my fair share over the years. However, as my skin is rather sensitive, and taking into account I'm very acne-prone, after a few mishaps I was avoiding these ‘overnight treatments’, like a goldfish avoids the toilet bowl. For the sake of the blog, you and mankind – OK and my own curiosity – I gave overnight treatments another go, just to see whether formulas have improved. After a few mehs, I found three keepers, which are now staples in my routine. As a skin disclaimer: I've got acne-prone, combination-oily skin with hyper pigmentation probz. #lifestruggles


October 2, 2015

What I've Been Loving (August & September 2015)

I realised a bit late that I forgot about my August faves, but because I was stuck inside the library all day 'err day, life wasn't too fruitful anyways. September on the other hand was very exciting and hectic. In a span of 4 weeks, I've handed in my dissertation, officially gone from student to unemployed, been frequenting the airport way too often and am so confused about my current status and near future. This all has been reflecting on my skin, which is confused, angry and just stressed to the core. I've got highs and lows, but I noticed that keeping my skincare to the bare minimum and supplementing it with soothing + hydrating treatments was the way to go. (I know it sounds simple, yet it took me many years to get to this solution).

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