November 29, 2015

A Luxury Beauty Haul

Net-a-Porter Luxury Beauty Haul

My goodness, yet another haul post. Yes, even I know that I'm hitting the edge of borderline-shopaholic. Whomever came up with online shopping, I love and hate you. Anyways, I felt like I deserved to treat myself as I finished my Masters dissertation and so I did. 


November 25, 2015

The Black Friday Deals You Can't Miss!

Black Friday Deals

In-store fights and street-long queues, no more. Tackle this year's Black Friday from the comfort (and warmth!) of your own home and save yourself from being punched, pulled or pinched in stores. I did the digging and found some great Black Friday beauty and fashion deals and all that's left for you to do is to compile your wish lists, prep your [virtual] baskets and have your card details ready.


November 23, 2015

Etude House Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk Review

Etude House Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk Review

I'm not the one to fall for cutesy packaging, because I went through the ‘princess phase’ a long time ago. Yes, the Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk may look excessively cute, but don't let its exterior fool you. These lipsticks pack a serious punch of colour and are oh-so comfortable to wear.


November 17, 2015

When you’ve got 3 bottles of the same stuff, it ought to be good

Weleda Aknedoron Purifying Lotion Review

When I moved back home, my skincare routine was all over the place. Whilst I had a mask collection enough to treat a small village, routinely products were running out or simply not working. During a spontaneous trip to H&B, my Mum dragged me to the Weleda shelves to introduce her to the range and as I was busy going through each range one by one, my eye fell on their Dermalotion. Whilst it looked very similar to the Aknedoron Purifying Lotion –yes the one everyone keeps raving about– I wasn't sure. Actually, I'm still not sure whether it is the same, but I do know that this stuff has saved my skin for the better.


November 2, 2015

My Long-Overdue London Haul

OK, I do realise that it's taken ages for me to share my London haul. In the mean time, I've already been to London and been back for a few weeks now. Sorry, somehow writing just didn't happen and I couldn't find the inspiration and motivation. But I think I'm back on track now! Some may think I went a bit overboard with my haul (maybe I did), but you've got to understand that most of these brands/products aren't carried in the Netherlands. Also: I'm a sucker for duty-free.

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