January 6, 2016

A New Effaclar Addition

Effaclar K+ Review | 9outoften.com

I don't want to jinx myself, but I think my skin's finally heading to a good direction again, despite my Christmas/NYE indulgences. Sadly – but not strangely – I'm not born with good skin-genes, so I welcome all help in the blemish department. Whilst the La Roche-Posay Effaclar range hasn't done much for my skin in the past, Effaclar K+ on the other hand...


January 1, 2016

The A-Typical New Year's Post

HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL. (I hope I didn’t start last year’s post like this too… So much for originality huh). 

I’m writing this on NYE – technically it’s still NYEMorning, but I’ll roll with it. I've actually written, deleted and rewritten this post for 2 times already, but third time's a charm right? Whilst I was planning on doing my annual new year's resolutions post and get in on this whole ‘New year, new me’ shebang —I wanted to spruce things up a bit. Instead of the whole ‘New year, new me’ shebang and moaning about what I need to change in my life to become this ‘new’ person, I decided to take this time to look back and reflect. So much has happened in 2015 and whizzing through it without proper appreciation just feels wrong. So here it is: 15 happenings in 2015 that I fondly look back at. WITH GIFS! Because everything is better with gifs.

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