March 31, 2016

New In Beauty

Ever since I moved to London, I've cut down on my beauty spend, because whilst I love the city, I hate its rent. That being said, once a beauty junkie —always a beauty junkie. There's simply nothing you can do about that, eh? These are some bits that I've accumulated over the past few months. Some are new to the market, others are new to me, but have been well loved and gained a ‘cult-classic’ title already.


March 26, 2016

The Makeup Brush Cleanser That Tops All —
Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser Review

When it comes to cleaning brushes, I had a phase where I was really eager and cleaned them on a daily basis. And when I say clean, I mean a deep cleanse. As time went by and more important (or fun!) things popped by, I kinda pushed cleaning my brushes to the curb. Aside from being borderline boring, it's just a long, messy and tedious process, no? That was until I picked up Japonesque’s Solid Brush Cleanser on a whim. #Revelation.

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