July 23, 2017

Scrub It Off – A Guide To Exfoliators

Dare I say it, summer has FINALLY arrived in the UK. It may have taken a while and Autumn may be around the corner, but whilst it's here in full swing it'd be rude not to enjoy it to the fullest and make most out of your summer wardrobe. Short skirts, swishy dresses and ripped denim shorts? YAS PLS.

Sadly, I wasn't born a bronze goddess and am cursed blessed with ghostly pale legs that don't tan instead... And whilst I'm all for embracing what your mama gave ya, I'm not against a little help from the fake tanning gods either. I'm far from mastering the perfect fake tan method, however it makes it just a bit easier and the result just a bit better when I exfoliate the night before to ensure a smoother and less-patchy application. (Also, who needs dead skin cells...)

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