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        Our Business
        In the era of the Internet, from the industrial end to the consumer end, new technologies, new models, and new business formats are emerging to meet various market needs. GCL is striving to push its industrial upgrading, seeking competitions and win-win cooperation, focusing on technologies and digitalizing its operations, determined to create kinetic energy for "carbon neutrality".
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        Electric Power

        Electric Power
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        Our Business
        Electric Power
        To Provide Efficient and Clean Energy
        To Better the Living Environment for Human Beings

        GCL is an experimenter as one of China's mixed-ownership power companies. It entered the field multi-owned by investment entities and has set a number of industry examples in terms of operational efficiency. In line with the global trend of energy transformation, GCL strives for the paradigm shift of power business from traditional energy to distributed and mobile energy, and for its own transition from a clean energy producer to a clean-energy comprehensive service provider. GCL has the capacity for installing various types of power generators, including environmentally friendly thermal power, gas, photovoltaic, wind power, biomass and waste power generation. The proportion of clean energy installed capacity tops the industry.

        Electric Power
        Electricity Generation
        Electricity Supply
        Energy Storage
        Energy Networking

        GCL-ET(Stock Code:002015.SZ)

        New Model of Energy Topology

        GCL Energy Technology Co., Ltd. centers on green energy production, operation and comprehensive energy services. Anchoring at clean energy power generation and cogeneration, GCL-ET has deployed energy storage, energy efficiency management, power distribution and supply, and is trying to forge an integrated "source-grid-supply-use-cloud" system and become a leading energy service provider of data ecology.

        The accumulative installed capacity of GCL-ET by now, in operation and under construction, exceeds 4,000 MW (not including the proposed projects), over 90% of which is new clean energy. Its user-side management capacity exceeds 12 million kVA, covering a service area over 6,000 square kilometers.

        Business Portfolio of GCL-ET (Incomplete)

        Natural Gas CHP


        Micro Energy Grid

        Electricity Supply

        Wind Power Generation

        Biomass Power Generation

        GCL Energy Investment Group

        Industry-leading Non-public Power Holding Company
        A Provider of Green Energy Solutions

        A subsidiary of GCL (Group) Holdings Co., Ltd., GCL Energy Investment Group is an industry-leading non-public power holding company and a green energy solution provider. Its main business covers high-efficiency and environmentally friendly thermal power, pumped storage and hydropower generation (with a total installed capacity of 10GW under its operation, management or under construction). Meanwhile, it vigorously develops power distribution and supply, and expands its carbon asset management business.


        新疆潞安 2×660MW 火電項目


        新疆國信 2×660MW 火電項目


        開灤協鑫 2×300MW 火電項目


        建德 6×400MW 抽水蓄能電站


        太倉港電廠 2×320+2×330MW 火電項目


        國華太電 2×630MW 火電項目


        協鑫濱海 2×1000MW 火電項目


        KALBAR 2×100MW 火電項目


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