Fashion Rave: the Colored Satchel

I thought I’d do a fashion post this time instead of a ramble or beauty post. Today I’m going to write about a product that has been on my “to buy” radar for a long, looong time – the Cambridge Satchel. The picture above shows a small selection of my favorite summery/spring colored satchels, created by yours truly on polyvore. Doesn’t just he sight of it alone make you happy and smiley already? 

The satchels are from a British company called ‘The Cambridge Satchel Company’. All satchels are handmade and the quality is superb – so I have heard.

I find these a must-have for the summer and just a great bag overall actually. They have different sizes, from 11″ for a small daily bag to 15″, which is big enough to fit a laptop. 

I have to be honest, I don’t have one – yet! I will be getting one this summer really, as I desperately need a new uni bag, and what better to get a super sturdy leather one, in a funky cool color? I know right, nothing! The reason why I still haven’t got one is because I want to see the sizes in the store, before I place an order online. As I am quite short, I don’t want to look like the bag is carrying me. 😉

You can get the bag online from their website (here) and if you live in the UK, they sell them in the larger department stores (e.g. Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Bloomindales, Selfridges). I saw on their website that they have a stockist in Amsterdam, so will check that asap I have time to drop by Amsterdam!

The bag is quite a lot of money for a student, but I believe the quality and the style makes up to it big time! The prices differ from £74 (€92) – £84 (€104), depending on the size. Shipping within Europe is £17 (€21) for one bag and £12 (€15) for two.

What do you think about the satchel, would you consider getting one as well?


UPDATE 6/6/2012: If you can’t find the color you want on their original webpage, try ASOS as they have many exclusive styles! Prices are about the same, and free worldwide shipping