First Day of Internship

I’m right now sitting in the train on my way home. Making use of the Blogger app for the first time, because I’m so excited to wait until I get home!

My first day was great! The people are very very nice and no awkwardness at all. Today I had to look for new trends on the web and in magazines. I also had to help looking up some distributors in the Netherlands and some products. Which is basically what I do in my free time anyways – did I already say I love it there already?

They also told me that I can help out at a huge fashion event in the Netherlands this summer: Mode Fabriek. I’m super excited already!

To close the day with a bang, I also got a bag with all Tony & Guy goodies. Full size goodies. I’m in heaven!

Have you tried any Tony & Guy products, and would you like me to review the products I got?