Review: Vichy Dermablend Foundation

A few days ago I went to the pharmacy to pick something up for my mom, and saw that the Vichy Dermablend foundation in the new formula had finally arrived in the Netherlands! I know it has been out for ages in many countries, but I think it just launched in the Netherlands for about a month or maybe two. I have no idea, actually.

The reason why I was so interested in their new formula is because makeup artist Lisa Eldridge did an acne covering video on it and it looked so natural on the model! If you haven’t seen her video, you have to do so now! Or well, after you finished reading my blog that is. πŸ˜‰

Dermablend was designed to conceal facial imperfections while providing a complete, natural looking coverage for even the most serious skin imperfections and flaws. Which is perfect for me, as I rarely have spots now (finally, after 7 years of blemish attacks!) and have some hyper-pigmentation on my cheeks.

I asked for a sample of shade 15 and 25, because I wanted to match the colors with my skin tone and try out the formula before buying the real deal. The lady was very nice and gave me a very generous amount – I think it’ll last me for at least a few good weeks!

As you can see 15 looks a bit too light for me, but that is only because I tanned a tiny bit. In winter its a perfect color for me. And when I’m really tanned 25 is a perfect color. At the moment the mix of the both is my perfect match. If you’re wondering what that strange blob of white is next to the swatch, it was my attempt to blend it lightly. I know, super fail, I need to practice more haha.

First I tried to apply it all over my face, which was a bad, bad idea. I looked like I had too much foundation on, way to heavy and cakey. So this is a no-no to use as a full-face foundation. Then I washed it off and tried to use it as a concealer, like Lisa recommended. And really, a little goes a loooooong way!

It covers really well, and is a very pigmented foundation,  no doubt about that. But I find that when you apply too much, it looks very heavy. As it is quite thick, it’s rather hard to blend. I would not recommend using this under the eye, as it is quite thick and might crease a bit when applied there.

All in all, I’m quite happy with it and will definitely use this well as spot concealer.
Have you tried any of the Dermablend products, and would you purchase this foundation?


Watch here Lisa’s video on acne covering!