Current Obsession: MARC by Marc Jacobs

Today I went to one of Holland’s most famous and luxurious department stores: de Bijenkorf – for the international readers, it literally means beehive. Silly, I know. As my internship is in Amsterdam, I went to the one there, it is the oldest, most beautiful and most luxurious store of the entire country. They have products of premier and contemporary designers like Mulberry, Hèrmes, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, Lanvin, Chloé, Michael Kors, and… the highlight of today’s post Marc Jacobs.

I adore this man! His creative input in Louis Vuitton just makes the company even greater and fantastic! His own brand is amazing as well, and Marc Jacobs’s perfumes are one of my favorites! If I’m honest I don’t think their products are that expensive. Of course compared to high-street products they are expensive, but the quality and design make up for the extra pennies paid – in my opinion. The reason why I like his sub collection MARC by Marc Jacobs is because it’s fun. It is creative, less serious, but yet still sophisticated and not trashy.

When I was at the store, I bumped into this gorgeous laptop bag. It’s not very special, quite simple, but I love their neoprene cases and this laptop bag is just what I was looking for! I’ll be leaving for my study abroad at the end of August and I’ve been told that they don’t use lecture books and advice notebooks and laptops in class. Hence I need a cool and lightweight but protective laptop bag.

I have a 13″ Macbook Pro, which is about 2 kg, so I don’t want to add any unnecessary weight. This one fits just in my criteria. The only down point… it’s €115. Would it be silly to say that I’m considering getting it…?

Another item I’ve got my eye on is their Logo Disc Stud Earring. I saw it today on a girl that visit our office today, and it looked fab on her. I liked them so much that they are really on the top of my never ending wish list. The white ones look so nice, and even though I don’t wear earrings everyday, I think that’s because I don’t own these haha!;-)

What do you think of any of these products and do you own any Marc Jacobs products?