Face Mapping: The Truth Behind Acne

I have been holding back this blogpost for weeks, because it’s something that is really important to me. I have struggled with really, really bad acne a few years back. And I’m so glad my skin has been improving so well! It’s not perfect at all, but still I’m very happy the way my skin looks right now. I do have some enlarged pores, blackheads, hyper pigmentation and the occasional spot. My skin has improved due to my visits at the dermatologist, and also because I started to really pay attention to what I was eating, drinking – everything on the inside.

A while ago, I read a blogpost about face mapping (link below), and it took me back to a few years ago when I was feeling miserable because of my skin. Face mapping interested me a lot – it still does, and it’s also related to the Chinese medicinal methods. Face mapping helped me quite a lot, as it made me realize what was wrong inside, and what needed change.

Looking back on how it motivated me and helped me clear up my skin, I thought I’d do a blogpost about it. I want to get this out first. Don’t expect to get rid of all your blemishes immediately, this is definitely a way to clear up your skin, but it takes time and effort. But it’s totally worth it, believe me!

I will apologize upfront, this is a long blogpost, as I was trying to put the best and detailed information in this post for you guys!:-)

Finally moving on to face mapping. Face mapping is basically separating areas of your face into sections, like a map. It is a type of analysis that explains what and how certain areas of your face are connected to other parts of your body. With face mapping, you can “decode” what’s going on within your body. It’s super informative as you can tackle that individual part of your body, in my opinion. Below is an overview of the basic areas, and how to combat/heal those areas.


·Get enough sleep
with a regular sleep schedule

·Drink loads, and
loads of water

·Eat healthy
food, chew thoroughly

·20-30 minutes of
light exercise every day, preferably outdoors

·Improve your
hygiene (wash hair, change pillowcase more often)


·Eat less
processed, junk, and fast food

·Reduce the
amount of fat in your diet

·Eat cooling
foods, like bitter melon, cucumbers, and gourds.

Between the brows

·Exercise, but
don’t overdo it

·Try to get more

·Nix the soda,
coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.


·Eat less pungent
foods (spices, garlic, chili peppers, herbs)

·Eat less meat

·Eat warm
temperature foods (not too cold, not too hot)

everyday, preferably outside (a daily stroll)

·Make sure to get
enough vitamin B (either supplements or eat loads of whole grains, potatoes,
bananas, lentils, beans, etc.)

Left cheek

·Try to reduce
stress, and keep a positive mood

·Don’t let your
body overheat

·The liver is the
strongest from 1-3 AM, this is when you should be sleeping

·The liver is the
weakest at 1-5 PM, so schedule demanding work for the mornings.

Right cheek

·Avoid all fast,
processed, junk food, and try to nix all food with high levels of sugar

·Avoid mango,
taro root, wine, and seafood

·Get more fresh

·The lungs are
the strongest at 7-9 AM, this is the best time for (aerobic) exercise.

Around the lips

·Consider a detox
or adding more fiber to your diet to help with digestion. Include more fresh
fruits and vegetables to help.

less sipcy and fried foods

abdominal area in a clockwise motion

Chin and jaw

·Slash the habit
of eating before bed, it’s not only bad for your skin, but also for your

·Try to get more
rest, sleep early

·Massage your
body for relaxation

·Eat more fresh
fruit and vegetables

·Try to exercise
at least 20 minutes everyday

Something that accounts for all types of breakouts: be sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly. That is vital for a clean and blemish free skin, no matter where you get blemishes the most!

You of course don’t have to follow all rules strictly, these are just guidelines. Although lifestyle changes may not make your acne disappear miracle, but healthy habits do provide long-term benefits to your skin and health. I hope this blogpost will help you to get a better idea of the reasons behind your breakout:-)

So what do you think about face mapping, have you heard of it before?


link of post about face mapping here