Hamburg Haul

As I mentioned in my ramble post before (here), I managed my expenses quite well honestly! 🙂 I was so tempted when I saw a Jo Malone store at Neuer Wall, but managed to walk past and only drool in front of the shop window. In the huge department store Alsterhaus I almost got crazy and almost bought a load of Laura Mercier products (that I honestly don’t really need). I, luckily, managed to refrain myself from it and I saved myself about €100 from that counter. I’m pretty proud of what I did, even though I say so myself ha-ha!

I was super happy and excited to see that there was a MUJI in Hamburg. I really didn’t know that prior to my trip. As many UK bloggers/youtubers have been raving about this brand I had to check it out! I managed to only get a few things. The other stores I grabbed a few things from were Alsterhaus, Rossmann and some local stores. Without further ado, my Hamburg haul:-)

As I just said, I didn’t grab any Laura Mercier goodies at Alsterhaus, but I did get a Marc Jacobs Lola rollerbal perfume. You all know my obsession for Marc Jacobs goodies! I couldn’t be more happy with this, and got two sample perfume with it – my other favorites! Actually, I love all MJ fragrances ha-ha!

At MUJI I almost wanted to grab all the mesh bags and a load of plastic stands for cosmetics/stationary. But then again I only got these two, as my parents didn’t appreciate the store as much as I did – unbelievable. So I only grabbed these two in a hurry and left. The prices were actually okay, I thought it’d be way more expensive!

I got a lovely catalogue with my purchase, and have marked all the things I’d love to get. And guess what, there are like 4 MUJI stores in Paris. Ha! I’ll definitely decorate my future room with some of these goodies. The quality is seriously way better than I expected, super sturdy! When I got home I immediately threw all my brushes in the holder. I’ll play around with the organization a bit more, but I’m pretty stoked with the result!

I got the most bits from the German drugstore, Rossmann. Not because they have exclusive stuff like Boots and Superdrug in the UK. No, but because it’s way cheaper than in the Netherlands. Seriously, the cheapest dry shampoo in the Netherlands is 5 bucks, yep overpriced stuff.

So I got 2 Labello lip balms (Fruity Shine in Cherry, smells amazing, very pigmented, my fave tinted lip balms), make up sponges, Neutrogena Visibly Clear scrub, 2 hand creams, 2 dry shampoos and a few Rimmel nail polishes for a deal I couldn’t resist. In my excitement I forgot to include my other purchase in the picture: a Rimmel Kate Spring Lipstick in 20 – yep the color I wanted, but couldn’t get due to it’s popularity. I managed to snap the last one in store! I’ve been using it everyday since I got it, and it has a safe place in my make up bag. Expect a review soon!:-)

Last but not least, two miscellaneous purchases. I got the hyped up Fiji water of a gazillion years ago, I mean the hype, not the content. I didn’t taste any difference with other bottled water, nor felt better. I do love the square bottle though! And I got the much raved about Caudalie eau de Beauté (aka Beauty Elixir). I thought it’d smell different, more peachy and flowery like, but I like it nonetheless.

I also bought a camera case and an SD card, but they are very boring and just nothing special to share on picture IMO.

What have you bought lately or what are you planning to buy?