If I'd visit the States…

 … I’d totally spend half a day at Sephora! Actually… make that an entire day!

This post is totally inspired by Anna’s (from VDM) American Sephora haul. We do have a Sephora in the Netherlands, but the only “exclusive brand” they got are Urban Decay and Make Up Forever, not so special… You can imagine that I got so jealous of all the products she got and I immediately went online to look for them. The good thing was that the products were not that expensive for what they were, but the bad thing was that it was US only… I always get so jealous of you US gals, as you can seriously buy all cosmetics brands and products!:-(

Particular brands I really got interested in after watching her haul were Tarte, Josie Maran, and Fresh. Obviously I’ve heard of them before, but I just really have a need of getting them ha-ha!

For fun I went to the American Sephora website and just clicked on things and added them to my basket. Honestly, I can’t believe how cheap and great value those (gift) sets are in the US. Seriously, the value sets in Holland are rubbish and not much different from buying the products individually.

You won’t believe how much the total was of my basket. I only added products I really would buy in the US and the products/brands that are not available in Europe. In my basket were a few Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes, Josie Maran kits, two Fresh kits with their lip treatment, several Sephora gel-polishes, NARS cheek palette, two benefit value sets, a Laura Mercier kit, a Sephora Favorites rollerball collection and a bliss kit.

I did cut off a lot of products, and personally I don’t think I picked out too many products, right? Sadly I still ended in a whopping $540.50. I know, totally crazy. But if I’m honest, I’d totally get all of the products if I lived in the States or if I went there for holiday or whatever. Obviously not all at once, as I don’t have that much money. But a few at a time. Hmm… any US readers that are willing to post a few things to the Netherlands, just kidding. No actually, if there are any volunteers… haha!;-)

What American exclusive brands are on your wish list?