My Studded Obsession

As you all might have read a few posts before (here), I’m currently in love with everything that has studs on it. I didn’t use to like things with studs, on the contrary – I avoided them like mosquitos!

Don’t ask me why I’m fancying them now. I don’t know honestly. I think my style is changing from the safe, casual bit girly kinda style to a bit more rough, still casual and a bit more daring, if that makes sense.

Last Sunday and Monday I worked at the largest fashion event in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg for my internship, and I saw a girl with the most amazing loafers on. Yep, you guessed it right, with studs. Not just little dots of gold. No, they were real spikes. I had to get them, or at least know where she got them from.

After a day of nodding and saying hi, I decided to talk to her. She was absolutely a doll. And told me she got the shoes from She also mentioned that they were super comfy! Well she didn’t had to say a word more and I was already browsing the website on my iPhone for those shoes. You know how it goes:-)

Unfortunately they are quite pricey for loafers, they are retailing for €69,95. I have been looking for stylish, comfy shoes for absolutely ages and haven’t found ’em yet. That’s how I justified the price tag ha-ha! Thank goodness they had free shipping, that would really put me off. Will receive them in a few days, can’t wait to show them to you guys!:-)

Do you like studs, and what is your current obsession?