Random Favorite of the Moment #2

A bit late with this weeks random favorite, all due to my holiday, it totally messed up my schedule, not that I had one ha ha!:-)

But as you might have read in my haul post (here), I have bought the Caudalie eau de Beauté when I was in Hamburg.

I did expect something totally different from the spray, but I can say I’m really liking it at the moment. Have been using it at least twice a day since I got it! I spray it on after cleansing, before moisturizing in the day and evening. If I remember to bring it with me on the go I spray it after I spend a few hours with a made up face. It really feels refreshing as it has a menthol scent to it and I think the make up looks a bit better as well. I accidentally squeezed out a pimple the other day – gross I know. When I sprayed this on afterwards, the spot vanished in the morning. There was no redness, no aggravated, infected skin like it would be normally.

All in all, I really like this product and will definitely purchase the big bottle of 100ml when I’m in Paris. I’d recommend getting this for all of you, even just for refreshing your face after a day of work/school/hanging out. It’s a gem girls, it’s a bloody gem.

What things have you been loving at the moment?