A New City, A New Begin

So, as you might have noticed, I changed the total layout of my blog – again. I just love trying out new things, and love to play with photoshop a bit. I know, that must sound a bit geeky. It’s the inner nerd in me that’s talking now:-)

I have been very excited to finally put this new layout online, as I have finished it for a while now. Honestly, I’m quite content with it, and I think it kinda shows a part of me: girly without being childish.

As you all might know I moved to Paris! Today is my second day here. My parents and sister helped me move, well they brought me to Paris and then dropped all the suitcases, said hi to my landlord, and then we went into the city. The reason why I have been MIA these days is because I’ve been sobbing a bit. I shed a lot of tears yesterday when I brought my parents to the parking lot. It just hit me when we stood in front of the car. I only felt sad when we walked to the car, hadn’t felt anything the entire day, and just when I looked at my sister we both started crying. When my parents saw we were shedding tears, we all had tears in our eyes and stood there all crying.

I walked around the block before I went to my apartment in order to not look like I cried and then went in. Started unpacking my big-ass two suitcases and when I was done, it was still early. I felt so lonely, as my roomy hadn’t arrived yet (she’ll only come Saturday) and I was just feeling so sad and alone that I just felt miserable – all by myself. It is my first time living abroad, and my first time living outside so besides I’m a sucker with goodbye’s and just a freakin’ ball of emotions, I just didn’t know what to think.

Living there with the 80 year old granny is honestly, tiring (because I have to speak French all the time) and also quite boring honestly. I was sobbing and trying to calm down for a few hours, cooked, did some groceries, and then sat a bit behind the laptop. The more I was sitting there by  myself, looking on the web, the lonelier I felt, whereas I’d do the same if I was at home. Sitting behind the laptop for a while to look at tv shows or whatever. Thank goodness when I texted my friend who’s doing her internship in Paris whether she could meet me after work, she texted me at the same time asking whether I could meet her. We met in the evening, and I honestly felt so much better talking to a person I knew.

This morning when I Skyped with my mum for the first time after I moved, I had tears in my eyes already – just without reason. After the 2 hour chat I grabbed something to eat and then went to the centre. Sitting in my room for an entire day, and not doing anything at all… That was not in my planning.

Scuzi for the long rambly (semi-sad/self-pitying) post! I might do an ’empties’ post soon. Today I went to the French pharmacy (and another store to get some boring things + groceries). I’ve googled the pharmacy Lisa Eldrige has recommended in one of her videos – it took me like 35 minutes at least to get there, but it was totally worth it. I almost spend 2 hours in it, if it wasn’t more;-) Will go to Les Halles to go shopping for an electronic water boiler thing (do you call it like that?) and definitely will drop by at Sephora!

PS. I’m aware that the menubar looks a bit funny as it isn’t in sync, but I will change that tomorrow evening! I’m off to bed now, very tired!;-)

What do you think of the new layout?