Announcement: I’m a Guest Blogger!

Those that have read this post, will know that last Monday was my last day at my internship. They asked me if I wanted to be a beauty consultant while I’m abroad for them, and… whether I’d like to be their guest blogger.

Now their blog isn’t the biggest one, or one that has gazillion people a day. But that doesn’t matter, I just feel honoured that they asked me to. Now today I wrote my first post, and published it. Well, I actually wrote it a while ago, and handed it in to my boss. She approved it, and thought I have talent in writing. That totally came as a surprise to me, as I totally don’t see writing as my strongest point. Actually I feel that I can improve on so many points in my writing style, techniques. Moving on. 

I wanted to tell you about it, as I felt my first blog post there would be interesting for you guys as well. I apologize in advance, the blog post is in Dutch (with a few English words) as it’s for a Dutch company.  But you’d make me happy if you’d pop by and tell me what you think about it. Definitely my Dutch readers, I’d love to hear from you what you think about the writing style, and topic. If you’re interested in these kind of posts, I could write them on my own blog as well.

The topic for my first blogpost is: Spotted on the runway: top 5 beauty trends A/W ’12. You can read all about it here

What did you think of the blogpost, and would you like to see more of these?