Blog-date #2

For some odd reason, my first “blog-date” (blog update) is in my most popular posts… But that’s not the reason why I’m having a second one. Nope, I just wanted to keep you guys posted. I have been very busy with work (it’s my last week!) and the searching for housing of course. It’s dreadful. I also still have to pump up my bike’s tire. It’s as flat as… well something flat:-) It makes cycling the part from and to the train station even more tiring.

Anyways, I made a little plan of what I’ll be writing about the coming days. I think I’ll post one every other day, but I try to post one daily. I don’t want you guys to miss me too much ha ha;-)

Blog-date #2 - Raves 'nd Ramblings

I know I need to really work on my handwriting, but I just noted this down real quick:-) If you have any nice blog ideas, do tell! I’m always open to suggestions. Now I’m off to bed as I really am tired and need to wake up early tomorrow.

What post are you looking forward to read most?