Bloody Hot Sunday

Hi dolls, I swear I was going to write a blog post today, a damn nice one. But the heat in the Netherlands is just destroying. Seriously feel like I’m sweating buckets – yikes, not charming! It is ridiculous, and it’s hot inside and out, have no clue where I can cool down. Even the pool is icky warm, and the fan blows warm wind, which doesn’t help with cooling down at all. You must be wondering why I don’t sit in front of the airco. Well, that is because I’m working at a restaurant, where there are no airco’s.

This weekend has been rather crazy for me though. Had to work yesterday, yep on a Saturday, I will be the best intern they’ll ever have:-D We (well… mainly I) organized a focus group meeting with a selection of our subscribers (of the beauty box), and we had a lovely chat and a great high-tea! It’s amazing that I could meet up with my soul mates, women that know that RMS and REN are beauty brands, and not some kind of medical abbreviation!

And… the most crazy and exciting news of this weekend: I finally found an apartment in Paris! It is not something fancy or big, but it’s almost in the 1st zone of Paris (and with almost I mean, you’ll be there within 3 minutes by metro). The rent is not über cheap, but hey, it’s bloody Paris! Will be staying at the same apartment as a lovely girl who’ll be my partner in crime, and classmate for the coming 4 months. Did I mention that I’ll be staying at a 80 year old granny’s apartment? Yep, shocking! It is a nice way to practice mon français, non?

Anyhow, I wanted to let you guys now that I am not vanished from the earth… On the other hand, if you don’t hear from you anymore, you know it is because of this sticky weather!;-)

What have you been doing this weekend?