DIY – Stud Up Your All-Stars

So, as promised, I’m back with a regular blog post again! Thank goodness today is sunny, but with a cold breeze. That’s so refreshing, and in this weather I can think clearer ha ha!:-)

Anyways, those that follow me on Instagram might have seen a picture of my vamped up All Stars, high-tops, Chuck Taylors, or whatever you want to call them. I have to say, I’m pretty stoked with the result, and quite proud with my achievement! So I thought I’d take you through the things I did for those that are interested in DIY’s, and those that like everything with studs!

I ordered a pack of 100 at eBay for a prick (see end of post for link). They didn’t cost me an arm, and the quality is quite good, and very easy to use! Of course I didn’t use all 100 but better to have some spare right?:-)

1. Clean up your desk, or tidy up your workspace so you have the room to play around with it.
(optional: google to gain inspiration if you need some)
2. Grab your shoes and your studs.
3. Put one stud first and see how it fits. My studs are easy to put through fabric, so no need to create holes in advance.
4. Continue with your design. Be wild, be crazy, and creative! This is how the shoe will look from the inside. Be careful with these pointy end, try to fold them as much as possible so it won’t scratch your foot.
(note: don’t be afraid to try out things first. I think I relocated the studs on my shoes at least 3 times.)
5. You should be done by now. The only thing you need to do is to take time and be proud of yourself and your revamped shoes!

I’d recommend when starting with your second shoe to grab the first one too. So you can create a rather symmetrical design. Or a total different one, whatever is in your preference;-)

Go crazy, and enjoy DIY-ing!


The eBay seller I ordered from sells these studs in 2 sizes (8 and 12). I ordered both, but used size 12 for this tutorial. Size 8 has a width of about 0.7 cm, and size 12 has a width of about 1.2 cm.