Help! Classic Pink or Fluoro Yellow?

A while ago I blogged about the Cambridge Satchel Company (CSC), and that I have been meaning to get one of their satchels for years! I started to research again and looked through the site and at many blogs for size references.

My bag I used to carry for uni is worn out, torn out, and just looking ridiculous because I didn’t really look after it. Come on, it was a cheap-ish satchel from H&M that didn’t cost more than €20. Now I’m ready to save up for a good, quality school bag, which looks stylish too. As I missed my opportunity to get the Tori Burch 797 Large Satchel, I almost gave up, but then ELLEUK reminded me again of this gorgeous satchel! 

I think I made up my mind to get a 13″ one. Actually not, that’s a lie. I’m still doubting about whether to get the 13″ or 14″, as I want to use it for uni. I’m not really planning to put many books in there or my laptop. And I think I could use the 13″ as a clutch as well, what do you guys think? I’m 1.64 by the way.

On ASOS they only have nice colors in the sizes 11″ and 15″, so I started checking the regular colors at the CSC website. I fell in love with the Fluoro Yellow and the Classic Pink (image above). As I can’t afford to get both, hate to be a student, I really don’t know which color to get. This is where you dolls step in! 🙂

Which color do you like best, and why?