Fashion Dilemma!

Okay, remember my last post (yesterday) where I was über excited about my newest designer brand to add on my never ending list of “things to buy”. Ringing a bell? Yep, I was talking about the lovely Robinson Double Zip Tote. You must be wondering where I’m going with this post, well, I don’t know either honestly. But don’t you have the feeling sometimes that you think that there is a God (or something else in the sky) that listens to you, and lets miraculous things happen? Well, that’s what I felt when I received an email from this afternoon. Guess what the subject was: Tory Burch up to 60% off! Yep 60% – total CRAAAZY! Well, and I kinda went crazy too:-)

Have you seen their flats? They are so gorgeous! Luckily (yes, luckily) they didn’t have my size in the pairs that I fancied, so thank goodness I didn’t have to fork out €95/100 for a pair of ballet flats that look so comfy. And I think the leather must be super soft… Okay, focussing again.

Something that caught my eye’s attention was of course a bag – I’m a crazy bag person if you hadn’t noticed. Sadly it wasn’t the Robinson Tote, no I think I love this one equally as much, if not more! It’s the 797 Large Satchel. Not a Tote, which I love, but it has a strap, super soft leather, it’s big enough, and it looks so chic! Did I say it has 50% off? I know right, total bargain!

But why am I still doubting whether to get it… Well I don’t know either, but probably because it costs €320 (including shipping). Oh geez, I’m so in a dilemma. I love the bag loads, it looks great and I could use it for uni. Won’t put much in it other than my make up bag, wallet, pen case, agenda and a notebook to take, well… notes. I showed it to my mum and asked her what I should do. She offered to pay the largest part, so that I only have to pay a fraction of the price. I know she’s such an angel. Even my sister of 12 is saying I should get it, and yet I’m still doubting… Am I already cheating on my Robinson Double Zip Tote after a day of loving it?

What would you do?