Mani Monday…

…well, not really. I planned to do my first ever Mani Monday post on last Monday. I had a super cool Olympic design thought out, tried it, and even made pictures! I just didn’t had the time to put them together in an image and well… make it look nice. And when I was working on it yesterday, I just realized that it was the Olympic closing ceremony already. So yeah… pretty stupid to have an Olympic inspired tutorial when it’s not even the olympics anymore. Didn’t have to time to create a new one on time, I’m sorry guys! I’ll promise that next week’s Mani Monday (actually the first one) will be great! At least I’ll try to make the best out of it:-)

To fill up this white space, I just wanted to do a short update. I will be very busy with looking for apartments, packing, organizing things, administrative stuff, etc. All the great joy when moving and going abroad. The looking for apartment part is the most stressful and horrible part of all, wouldn’t wish anyone to go through this.

Finding a normal space to stay in Paris (and then I mean Paris, and not “hey the apt. is near Disneyland, so I mention in my ad that’s in Paris, Paris”) is ridiculously hard. Have found a few promising ones, but unfortunately still undecided and very uncertain. Have I mentioned before that the renting is freakishly high? I’m thinking of writing a blogpost about going abroad, for those who are interested or are considering doing the same as I am now. That of course will be uploaded and written after I have settled myself of course, and when I’m a true moving expert ha-ha! B-)

Anyways, I’ll stop rambling, and it’s a wrap everybody (oh I love Mr. Jay from ANTM, can’t believe he won’t be in the next cycle!)

What have you been wearing on your nails?