Meet My New Parka!

Today I could work from home, as I mostly do everything on my laptop anyways. So after a morning of working hard, replying to emails and some database stuff, I met up with my lovely and gorgeous friend Dascha (for my Dutch readers, check out her blog here) and we hung out for a while. We had some lovely chat accompanied with great cappuccinos, and of course did some shopping – duh!

I haven’t shopped in a very long while, and with shopping I mean physically going to a store and get something. Lately I’ve been buying loads of stuff online – whoops! Last time I went into the MANGO store nearby I saw this amazing green parka-ish coat with a cute leather collar detail, I tried it on, showed my mum, and then left the store without purchasing it because I listened to my mum. I’ve regretted it since, and always blamed my mum for not having a cool parka. When I went back to the store the next day, it was gone, just my luck. Today we went into MANGO again, and just wanted to browse through the store and check out the new collection (need to get some neat clothing for my next internship!). Guess what I bumped into! Yep, you’re right, it’s the parka I’ve always wanted!

You can’t imagine how glad I was, I tried it on, showed it to my friend, and I got it immediately:-) I tried to take some outfit pictures, but… I’m horrible with posing as in super awkward. I managed to get my lil’ sister to make a few shots, while she was acting like a photographer – a pun on acting, the kid is 12 – I tried to model the heck out of me. The result was rather… horrid. So I couldn’t use any picture, don’t tell her, but managed to make one with Instagram – my favorite app ever. PS. please don’t mind the messy surroundings, I still need to clean up my room ASAP ha ha! Made one of the parka alone too, but it just looks like a hideous sack so I didn’t add it for my parka’s sake:-)

Also bought a slouchy cardigan at ZARA and some miscellaneous things that are not really worth mentioning. And ehm… please don’t cringe at the awkward posing picture. I usually don’t take pictures like that, or actually at all from myself. So please bear with me:-)

MANGO – €69,95 €39,95 

What’s your opinion about parkas, and have you ever regretted not buying something?