NOTD #2 – ModelsOwn Bubblegum

NOTD #2 - ModelsOwn Bubblegum - Raves 'nd Ramblings

So, the second NOTD in my blogging experience (which is almost nothing;-). I have to say… it is darn hard to make a nice picture where your nails, fingers, and the nail polish have to look good. I honestly need a crash course in making NOTD pictures. So until then, you have to bear with my lack of photography skills. Scusi:-)

The polish I’m wearing today is from ModelsOwn’s Neon Collection in Bubblegum. For those that have been my follower/blog reader for a while will notice that I’ve featured their entire collection here already. But sun has been shining bright these days, and I thought why not feature this polish again. And you all know I have a weakness for pink – I mean, just take a look around my blog, ha!

NOTD #2 - ModelsOwn Bubblegum - Raves 'nd Ramblings

I tried to make a close-up, but that didn’t really work out. I’m at the office right now, so only have my iPhone as camera. It couldn’t focus on the ‘detail’ I had going on my nails. I’m exaggerating right now, but as you might, or might not, see is that it kinda looks like a french mani.

Well, it kinda is! I’ve been wearing a french mani for the past few days, and felt the need to change it. I just didn’t feel like removing it, and thought why not just apply the pink polish on top of it, and this look was born! I quite like the look actually. Looks like I did a neon mani, but it was nothing like that – at all. I just applied 1 coat on all nails. This polish is so opaque, dries semi matte, and I just love it! The only downfall: I tend to get small bubbles when I apply the pink one. What I then do is grab a matte topcoat, apply it, let it dry and then apply a semi-glossy one, and the problem is gone:-)

What have you been wearing on your nails?