Packing, Cracking, and a Sad Goodbye

Yesterday was my last day of my internship. It was a sad and great day at the same time – my boss and colleagues are the best ever. Why? They tricked me to a diner party that I thought was for my fellow colleague who will take a maternity leave, and they tricked her saying they’d organise a surprise goodbye party for me. It was both the case, but we both were flabbergasted that they took us by surprise.

Honestly, I’m a quick one with these ‘surprise’ things. I catch up pretty soon, especially if we stay in the same office for the entire day. But this time… they got me. We started with a lovely boat tour through Amsterdam, and then my boss gave a toast. After her little speech, she gave both of us a customised beauty box. I was so surprised, honestly I didn’t think I’d receive anything actually. But I love the thought, and the box was just such a nice extra gift.

As you see, the products were so huge that the box couldn’t close! Inside were a Rahua shampoo & conditioner sachet, their shampoo is one of the best, and one of the most expensive ones. Also got a shampoo & conditioner set of Hermès (yes the freakin expensive French brand, that’s most famous because of its Birkin and Kelly bag), a little ring with a black bow (the logo of the company), a KORRES facial soap, TONI&GUY Glamour Serum Drops. And maybe the most exciting thing in the box: my first Diptyque candle! 

I’ve told my boss that I’ve loved the Diptyque brand so much, and that I just couldn’t justify the price. Can’t believe that she got me one actually! She actually said that I was a present that fell from heaven, and that I’ve helped the company loads – I’m full of inspiration, ha!:-) So she said that it secretly was a bribe as well, and hopes that I’ll return to the company once I’m finished with uni. It is so great and generous of her, and the entire team to welcome me back. 

Another exciting thing is that she actually offered me a freelance job basically. I will be their Beauty Consultant while being in Paris. Giving nice product and box ideas, brainstorming about brands and help them when they need beauty consults ha ha;-) Also, I will be a guest blogger on their corporate blog. You should definitely check that out! Won’t be paid for it in cash, but in boxes – which I totally do not mind. I would’ve done it for nothing, but it’s great that they offered me that!

I wasn’t intending to write so much about my internship, but it’s something exciting for me so had to share it with my lovely followers! As for the packing and cracking part… I have been packing since I’m awake today (9.30 am) and seriously, my head, back and arse ache so much from the sitting, folding and bending over. Jeez, and I’m still far from done. I think I actually packed enough clothing for a year! Well… but when I want to take some clothing out, I actually can’t. Because I really need it (that’s what I keep telling myself ha ha:-). 

Have stopped packing clothes, and now moving on to the packing beauty part – which is even harder. Gosh, I can’t bring all, but I want to. The picture above is my current situation. I know it looks like a lot, it actually is a lot, but I don’t think it’s half of the stuff I want to bring with. Still have to bring skincare, brushes, lip balms, and powders and bronzers. Oh geez… Imma go now, and hope to gain some inspiration while packing. 

How have you spent your day?