Rave: Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stains

And I’m back again with a rave post – basically a very positive review:-) Today I’ll highlight the much raved about YSL Glossy Stain, in color 15.

It’s a squarish packaging, with a golden cap where the initials “YSL” are printed on in red. The lower part is black, with a “window” (on both sides) where you can see a bit of the lip color. The applicator is amazing seriously. It’s a flat applicator, which is a bit bended and has a nice tip for flawless and easy application. No lip pencil needed for defining  your lips (I don’t use one anyways, but I just wanted to emphasize on the fact the applicator is a gem to work with:-)

Moving on to the product itself, when you open the product there is a pleasant fragrance coming out. I’m not sure how to describe it as, but it’s not too flowery or heavy. You actually won’t even smell it after a few seconds after you’ve applied the gloss.

I have to be honest, I love lip stains, but I really hate glosses. Why? Because I have long hair, and it’s always windy in Holland – that’s an understatement, so the product tends to stick on my hair (or the other way around). With the YSL Glossy Stain, I don’t feel it is that sticky compared to other glosses I’ve tried. Now I haven’t bought any high-end lipglosses, basically because I didn’t like glosses in general, but I think I might be a converter. Maybe high-end glosses are way better than cheap drugstore ones… I don’t know, I will definitely test that for you guys:-)

Rambling on again, but yeah, the product is lovely. Have I mentioned that the staying powder is great? Applying it once is enough, but I like to apply two layers. The first one I buff it in with the wand and then I run my lips together. After a minute I apply the second layer. And then won’t touch it. It just stays on for so long! Last time when I drank coffee with this gloss on, I did see that it was on the cup as well, but the color on my lips was still intact and quite opaque I’d say. Staying power is… 6 hours I’d say? Really depends how/what you eat during the day.

The color I picked, 15, is gorgeous. I picked this one because I wanted a color I could wear during all seasons, and while looking natural – but better. Although I loved the darker toned, brighter colors as well, I know that I wouldn’t wear it as often as this one, and I don’t regret a penny I spent on this! As I’m the worst in describing colors, I thought you’d have to see for yourself;-)

with one layer

with two layers

And of course, the standard swatches. The top one is buffed in, and the lower one is just slapped on my hand. I swear, my hand doesn’t look as pale as in the picture, it’s just the darn light:-)

Have you tried the YSL Glossy Stains, and which color is your fave?