Review: Rimmel Kate Spring Lipstick #20

I apologise a gazillion times for the lack of posts recently! Uni here is just a huge mess, and driving me total cray-cray. You might recall that I did a review about another Rimmel Kate Spring Lipstick, in color 16 (you can read it here). I’ve been meaning to post this review for ages, but just didn’t have the time, or I just forgot it sometimes. I’m sorry, but here it is!

Honestly, number 20 one is a tiny bit different than the lipstick in 16, maybe it’s the color, or maybe just a slightly different formula. You must be wondering what I’m talking about. Well, the difference lies in the application and consistency of the lipstick itself. The lipstick in 20 (gosh, I hate lipsticks with just numbers) is way darker, brighter, and I would say opaque than 16. I haven’t tried the other two in the collection, just because I didn’t feel like getting the nude one, and I have a very similar red lipstick.

Continuing on the application. It applies like a gem, it is smooth, doesn’t make flaky lips even flakier (as the 16 does that a bit), and quite moisturizing! It is a very, very opaque lipstick. I love this color even when I’m going to uni, shopping, or just even grocery shopping, but then I just pat the lipstick on my lips. If I were to apply it like you normally do, it’s way to pink for me! Of course for those that are daring or used to bright colors on the lips, do give it a try, it’s one of my favorite lipstick colors in my collection, and I do have a few good (and very expensive) high-end ones. πŸ˜‰

It’s staying power? Well, it is still a drugstore lipstick, so don’t expect to not having to retouch. If you won’t eat or drink anything, it can pretty much hold up to 4/5 hours, maybe even more. But if you eat, or drink anything, it’ll just be gone very soon. I just love the color so much, that touching up doesn’t really bother me. I like to re-apply my lipstick after eating anyways.

swatched heavy in day light

 trying out some ‘new’ ways to swatch… let me know what you guys prefer!

lightly patted on the lips

applied full-on (one layer) in day light

applied full-on (one layer) in natural light

So would I recommend this lipstick? Oh hell yeah I do, it is a must-have color in every girl’s lipstick collection! Right now there is still a sale going on at, and you can get this gem with 25% off here, and it’s free shipping worldwide! Did I mention is my favorite online beauty shop – ever?

What do you think of this shade or would you consider getting it?