Skincare Haul + Diptyque

I originally planned to not buy any skincare, or other items I could get in Paris, because I just didn’t want to carry more luggage than was needed. But then there was an Alpha-H sale I couldn’t resist (which I posted about recently), and there was a sale at ICI PARIS XL (1 product – 10% off, 2 products – 20% off, 3 or more products – 30% off). My Dutch readers will know this store, but I will explain it shortly for my non-Dutch/Belgium readers. It basically is a kind-of Sephora, but then less cool. It carries the basic skincare brands such as Chanel, Lancôme, Biotherm, La Mer, etc. they also have KENZOKI, which is a Japanese skincare brand. 

I love Japanese skincare and make up products (and then I mean you Shu Uemura) till death, and I think they are not only geniuses on the beauty part, but also in gadgets and other electronics. I got the Creamy-White Skin En-lightener for day and Cosmic Cosmetic Cream as night moisturizer of their “relax” range (the blue one). It has a slight perfumy scent, which is lovely, and not overbearing. Basically both products say to enlighten, and brighten the skin. Also it’s a great moisturizing well… moisturiser and says to purify the skin. Not sure what that would mean… but I just love it. Have used the samples I got a while ago now, and was just put off by the price. But with this offer, I just had to get this set. My mum got some Estée Lauder skincare products, so we both got 30% off on each product. If you happen to run into a ICI PARIS XL store, I’d recommend you stopping by, ask for a sample of a product you’ve always wanted to try/buy. The sale is until the 9th of September. 

Coming back to my Alpha-H buy. I’m pretty sure it’s obvious as you can read it from the picture, and it’s I think their most well-known, and best-selling product – the Liquid Gold. I received this two days ago, and I have to say their shipping is quite fast. Only the box was filled with crumbled white paper, and that was it. No invoice, no card, nothing. If I didn’t know I had bought this from beautyexpert, I wouldn’t know it, their name was not even on the address label! Anyhow, I haven’t opened the product yet. It’s sealed with plastic, and I want to leave it this way, as I’m afraid something will happen with the product while moving. Will do a review on all three products, once I’m settled in my room in Paris.

The third, and last bit I want to highlight today is the Diptyque candle in Figuier, which is a fig-ish scent. I didn’t buy this one myself, but received this as a good-bye gift from my boss at my internship. I know it shouldn’t belong in this haul post, but I just had to share it with you guys how much I love it. Am doubting whether to bring it to me to Paris or not. Haven’t lit it yet, because it’s so precious to me. But just smelling it is divine, and gives a relaxing and calming feel.

What have you bought recently?