Studded Burgundy Loafers

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post, sorry for that guys. It just took me longer to settle in here, and it was way harder than I expected. The reason why I haven’t wrote a post in such a long time, is because I didn’t think you guys would like to read a sobbing post all about me. Also, the internet connection sucks, big time. Today’s post won’t be about me, or well… not directly;-)

I got some new kicks yesterday when I went shopping. I saw these gorgeous loafers at ZARA, and I just had to get them – they were only 29.95! PS. I just have my legs crossed over each other in the picture, so please don’t think I have twisted feet ha ha! 

You have these in 3 colors, black with silver studs, beige/off-white with golden studs, and burgundy with golden studs. In the Netherlands I’ve only seen the black and beige/off-white ones, but as they were not in my size I couldn’t get them – thank goodness! Otherwise I couldn’t get these gorgeous burgundy loafers! It just looks very cool, and burgundy just happens to be this season’s trend color;-) 

This was it for today’s post, sorry it’s so short, but I’m honestly too tired to write anything in-depth and long. The granny woke me up 3 times today. Once at 3 in the night, once at 5 in the morning, once at 9 in the morning. I don’t know what she was doing in that time of the day, but all I heard were footsteps, cracking floors, moving things. At 9 she was even using the vacuum, goodbye sleep. -.- 

I’m going to Skype a bit with my parents, and then head to the centre… have honestly no clue where. Maybe I should visit a museum… Maybe I should! Will keep you updated dolls! 

What have you been doing these days?