The 3 P’s: Planning, Packing, and Paris!

I wanted to update you guys on the situation I’m in at the moment, and wanted to share some news with you! So some of you might know that I’m moving to Paris soon. Yep, moving as in: living there for longer than a month, infact, I’ll stay there for 5 freakin’ months! For those that didn’t know I’m moving, well… now you do:-)

I’ll go there for my study abroad, basically and exchange, and will continue my Communication studies over there. Bien sûr in English, as my French isn’t entirely bad (got a nice certificate hanging on my wall, no just kidding, I just stuffed it in a folder), but not good enough to follow entirely French courses. Hope everything goes well, as I had to change courses 5 times already…

Have been quite busy and stressed with all the moving stuff. As I have my internship at truly yours, I’m working there 4 days in the office and 1 day at home. It’s fun, you won’t hear me complain, but it just takes up all my energy. Once I arrive home (after a freakin’ 1 hour train ride and cycling for 20 minutes) I’m seriously worn out. So all the hunting for apartments happens during the journey from/to work and in the weekends when I have time. My plan is to move the 27th this month. Today when I seriously looked at my agenda on my iPhone this morning (something I don’t do on a daily basis – oops) I saw that the moving date is only 2 weeks away, and I still don’t have a room!

Stressing out like crazy, and I still have to pack. Honestly, it’s my first time I’m going to live on my own, without family and friends (will share an apartment with a girl from the same school, haven’t met her yet). So pretty excited and scared in a way:-)

I have made a list of items I want to pack, or well… better said: the list is in progress. Everyday I add things, and scrap things. I’m horrible with packing not too many stuff. I mean, I have to take it back with me by myself. My parents will be able to bring me to Paris, it’s only a 4/5 hour ride, but won’t be able to pick me up. Oh dear god, I already am seeing images of myself with too many luggage ha ha!

So my question to you is…

…do you have any packing tips for me?