Oo em gee, I cannot believe that I haven’t even posted a single post this month – Je suis très désolée, and am honestly very embarrassed that I have let you guys down. Paris has been very overwhelming, but is getting a bit better. Have met loads of people these days, and it was a lot of fun! The schedule, or better said, the schedules that I got are very confusing. Only for 2 classes I know my fixed schedule, the rest of the other courses (8) I have to depend on school to send me an email every time. Yay for French organization and structure skills! 🙂

So this week I have been socializing, road tripping (just within Paris), window shopping, some more road tripping, and just very busy with figuring out how the schedule works for school. I’m not a stupid person – in my own honest opinion of course – but this is just a whole other level. Apparently I chose subjects from 3 different institutions. Oh well… they are one big institution, but have a different yearly calendar, separated everything, and one is even at another building (see other side of Paris). So yeah… kinda using up all my braincells there. No just kidding, I’m still me;-)

I know this all isn’t a reason for not blogging at all, but please bear with me for a while. Still figuring out how and what. Everything I do just takes so much time! When I cook, I need to finish it asap, then eat it asap, clean the dishes immediately, and the sink. Seriously, the woman freaked – understatement,  when there were still a few drips of water in the freakin sink! And every time I finished taking a shower, I have to clean the entire bathtub, same story as the kitchen. Very time consuming, and by the time I’m done with both, it’s already bloody late. Have I already mentioned that I have classes everyday of the week? Literally, every day. Have classes planned on Monday – Saturday, and then also obligatory trips on Saturday’s and Sunday’s for my French Culture and Civilisation course. I mean, it’s a lot of fun and I meet new people, but it just takes up so much time.

I will promise – this time really! – that I will post my very belated French Pharmacy Haul very soon! Also have a very exciting product review of a product I discovered here:-)

Please don’t lose faith in me, I’ll be back soon!