OOTD #1 – Under the Radar

I have been so busy in the weekend, not partying or shopping – I wish! No, unfortunately it was all school related things. To prove that I’m still alive, a very short post:-)

As I didn’t have class today, it was a top-knot + no make up face-day for me. The only things I did were groceries, which you shouldn’t underestimate – it took me 45 minutes by metro to get to China town to get my things (it’s a bit cheaper there, and more veggies to choose from;-). I noted down the timetable of the entire semester in my agenda, which took me a while too, as I have 10 courses, with 4 schedules to check on. I practiced a speech I have to give tomorrow and Skyped with my parents for a while. No fancy outfit needed for that ha ha! 

That’s why I just threw on something comfy and “under the radar” on this morning. My picks: navy Hollister hoodie, black jeans leggings, boots and my newest attribution: a burgundy scarf from ZARA. It’s super soft and warm, and I love it loads. There are some golden studs at both end, which don’t make me warm or cold, so I just tucked them in. For those that are wondering why I’m taking a picture in the hallway, it is because there is no full-size mirror in the apartment – worst. nightmare.

Talk to you later dolls!


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