Rebecca Minkoff NYFW S/S13

Those that have been following me for a long time might’ve noticed that I’m a person that has a lot of designer crushes. One of the designers that have been on top of my list is Rebecca Minkoff. Buying a mini M.A.C. in aquamarine this year has been one of my best purchases – ever! I don’t regret it at all, love the bag loads, and am already planning (and saving up) for my next Minkoff bag, the M.A.C. or maybe even the M.A.C. Daddy! Today my focus won’t be on bags though – well… okay maybe a bit, but the main focus will be on the Rebecca Minkoff New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 show. Wow, well that’s one mouth full!;-)

I absolutely love the entire collection they showed this year. It’s fresh, young, bubbly, edgy, bohemian, sophisticated, classy, chic – and that all at the same time. When you watch the show (clip at the end of the post) you can feel that the choice of music is excellent, as it is a great mix of numbers that totally suit the collection seamlessly. It creates such a nice vibe, and make the collection (and the brand) all the adjectives I just mentioned a second ago. The color palette has been kept very clean and simple. The main color is white, and that mixed with mainly tones of blue, some black, grey and red pieces. All pieces are very modern, and what I like the most about it is that you could wear everything separately, and as they styled it during the show. It’s a great mixture of pants and dresses, so everyone will have at least a few pieces that suit their taste. And goodness, look at the bags and shoes – do I even need to say more?;-)

As a beauty fanatic, I of course have to mention something about that! Hair is kept very simple, and casual with a bit of wavy/beach feel to it – but not too much. The skin of the models look flawless, and dewy. Full, but still clean, and simple brows. Natural rosy lips, and a flush of rosy/peach on the cheeks. A very healthy, daily look, which I’d definitely wear myself!

You can see that in spring/summer 2013 prints are still going-on strong, and at Minkoff you can see that the main print is floral. I love that they chose different kinds of floral prints, so it has a different look and feel to it, but still being coherent. In my opinion, many of these clothes will look great, and flattering on woman in all shapes and colors. Also I get a real holiday, spring/summer feel when looking at the collection. Just writing about it makes me smile like a silly person already.

Without rambling too much about their collection, here my 3 favorite looks (which took me half a day to decide on;-). All three looks I’d love to have in my collection, and would definitely wear either to uni, to work, a date, when shopping, okay actually every event in my life honestly! But hey, who wouldn’t if you could strut these clothes around? If you’ve got it, flaunt it! 

The three looks I’ve chosen are my favorites, and I find these great pieces to have in your clothing collection. These three looks can be worn separately, mixed with each other, during the day and evening, to work and to a party. It’s versatile, which is what I like a lot! The bags already speak for themselves, the shoes are simple, yet very gorgeous. The prints on these items are my favorite of the entire collection! And aren’t those pants and shorts to die for? Goodness, actually everything… I need to start saving!

What do you think about Rebecca Minkoff’s SS 2013 show, 
and what is your favorite look? 


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