Being a Parisienne

There are many ways to tell a story, and I’ve decided to not get to deep in the reasons why I’m not really happy here. I actually already wrote an entire post, covering this topic. How I am, what I did, what I’m loving, what I’m not loving. But I felt I got too carried away in the things that upset me, and while writing it… I just got upset again. So I’ve decided to delete it and re write it, hence it took a bit longer to post.

Paris has been great these weeks, have had a lot of fun, met a lot of nice people too. Went to a lot of little trips to explore Paris, and some events. Not homesick anymore, though I miss my family, but skyping with them almost daily makes up for a lot. When saying to people that I live in Paris sounds pretty cool, but oh boy the perks that come with living here…

Just last Thursday I went to the opening of BookMarc (Marc Jacobs stationary and books franchise) in my 2 hour break with a friend. We got our book signed by the photographer of the book, Brian Owen Smith, and two models that were photographed in there! Also popped into the Marc by Marc Jacobs store as well, which resulted in walking out with a bag unfortunately for my bank account. 😉 Also, I’ve bought my ticket to the Florence and the Machine concert! They are going to be here the 27th of November. I’m a huuuuge fan of their music, so I’m stoked that they give a concert in Paris!

I’ve been here for a month now (moved here the 27th of August), and can say that I don’t really click with my roommate. One is the 80 year old granny, and the other is around my age. Let’s call her ‘O’. The granny is getting worse and worse. Nitpicking over all little things. The worst thing? Blaming me for things I didn’t do! Because I’m the only one in the house that can speak French, every time when ‘O’. does something not to her liking she just blames me. That women is the worst listener because she just does not accept anything I say at. all.

Well and then we have ‘O’… As it is my first time living on my own, I was hoping to explore entire Paris with my roomie, have a great bond together just like on those TV series. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened or well, not yet. But i doubt it’ll happen. She’s nice and all that, but more like a person that likes to sit in her room (by herself that is), watch tv shows on her laptop, sleep for half a day (14-16 hours to be precise), and that’s it. I mean, no problem with that, I also have my lazy days. Back home I really don’t mind watching series for an entire day and some blogging, but here in Paris I just can’t sit still. And can you blame me?;-) 

Well… the story so far goes until here;-) Let me know whether you guys are interested in these kind of update posts while I’m in Paris. Might do a biweekly/weekly/random post!

What would you want to read next?


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