Review: Benefit ‘go tropiCORAL’ Kit + Swatches

I’ve bought this nifty little kit a few weeks ago, and honestly I can say that I’ve fallen head over heels over it. It is simply amazing! I’ve been using at least one thing in the kit everyday, ever since I got it. And that is crazy, as I like to change the make up products I use on a daily basis.

This kit contains of lip and cheek products, some tips and tricks on how to apply the products, and the little box itself can be used for storage of… I don’t know, something. So what exactly is the kit. It’s a four-piece lip and cheek kit that contains of Chachatint, High Beam, CORALista, and Ultra Plush CORALista.

I honestly couldn’t be more content with the kit. I already had a big Benefit crush, but this just made me fall in love for the brand. All products are as amazing as I thought they would be. The blush applies like a dream, though it’s less pigmented than I initially though it’d be (as Bella Bamba is really pigmented). But it actually creates a very subtle and healthy flush, the blush is very buildable if you prefer a heavier look. 

I’m a sucker for lip and cheekstains, and the Chachatint had been on my list ever since I’d gotten the Benetint. It lives up to my expectations, and though it’s a bit harder to work with as a cheek stain (Benetint is easier to blend), it’s a lovely lip stain. Very pigmented, and has a great staying powder. I didn’t think I’d use High Beam at all, as I tend to get shiny very fast – so I don’t need highlighter most of the time. And as I didn’t really like the YSL Touche Eclat, yes I know don’t shoot me, I didn’t think I’d like this one, but I do. It gives a very subtle luminosity to the face, and is just looking naturally dewy, without being crazily oily. 

The gloss (Ultra Plush CORALista) is a great color, and looks so well with the blush. I’m not a gloss person, as I hate how it sticks to my hair all the time, but I can look aside that with this gloss. It’s very natural, and color enhancing. It’s your natural color, but way better – our secret;-) The smell of the gloss is very nice, and pleasant. Fruity, exotic-ish, without being overbearingly sweet. Oh I bloody love this kit. 

Honestly, I think this is one of the smartest ways to get people hooked on your products. The kit didn’t cost much, and I got to try quite some products. I’m definitely going to pick up the full size Chachatint, and CORALista once I run out. I might even get High Beam, but have to see about that. Will definitely try the other kits, yes I am looking at you Feelin’ Dandy! Expect a blogpost soon where you can see the products in action! You can get this kit at Sephora or any other Benefit carrier for €29.

What do you think about the go tropiCORAL kit?