Essie Winter Collection 2012

I’m currently writing this while being influenced with a lot of flu meds, while wearing one sweater, a hoodie, and a body warmer on top. So, if a lot of nonsense comes out, you know what’s wrong with me 😉 Gosh I’m feeling still very sick, and not getting better. Honestly, I feel like it’s getting worse and worse.

One thing that made me smile was seeing the Essie winter collection of this year, aren’t the colors absolutely gorgeous? As always, they hit it just right. The color palette is great for everyone, and I’m sure every girl can pick (at least one;-) favorite color!


My favorites? Be My Lady, Beyond Cozy, and Where’s My Chauffeur. The Essie winter collection 2012 will be hitting stores this November!

Which color will you definitely be picking up?