Fall Fashion Wish List

Although the autumn in Paris is definitely a warm one (around 15-20 degrees, has been raining for the past few days though), the wind is still cold. And… when it’s getting cloudy all the time, I tend to snug up in my warm knits and scarves. Or well, have the tendency to shop for them! Have been starting to get a bit sick I think as well. My head is aching and feeling very heavy if that makes sense. Also, starting to get a runny nose, and a very sore throat – no and that is not because of partying;-) Haven’t really had the time to do any review or in-depth posts yet, because of the load of school work, but they will come soon. Promise!

So to cut the crap, and get to the point, I’ve been browsing online during some very boring classes, and have found some really cool things I’m definitely putting on my “To Buy” list. Will you believe me if I say that mine has been growing by the hour? Or no… I actually think by the minute, oh gosh.

As you might notice, the main color palette is still military green/olive, and burgundy. These colors just look flattering on most (would it be a bold statement to say all?) skin tones, and I just love the colors itself. And hey, one can never go wrong with black, grey, and beige – ain’t that right? 😉 Apologies for the semi-ZARA-biased picks, I’ve just really been loving their clothes lately!

ZARA Twist Knit Frilled Jumper  | €49,95 |

ZARA Shiny Jumper with Frills  | €39,95 |

ZARA Combined Coat with Zip  | €179,95 |

Topshop Knitted Stud Rib Cardigan  | €62 |

Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Bombe Clutch  | €280 |

Prada Leather Tote  | €950 |

ZARA High-Heel Cowboy Ankle Boots  | €89,95 |

What is on your wish list?


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