L'Oréal Preference Wild Ombre Hair Kit

So lately this hair-dye from L’Oréal has been buzzing around the blogging world. Many of you sure do know the ombre/dip-dye trend, and know that I have been doubting whether to get one or not. I have been researching it a bit, and it is damn expensive! You have to get that I’m saying this because I barely spend any money on my hair. My hair is thick, well used to be thick – before I went to Paris. I didn’t have to do anything to maintain its health, it just… well was good naturally. So I never spend tons of money on trips to the hairdressers. When I was researching for a good hairdresser, it would approximately cost me at least €200. It’s a bit too much for me. So… is this kit the solution?

I honestly don’t know. It sounds amazing, and reviews on blogs do say that it’s easy to use. Even for the clumsiest people in the world – hello there! 

There are 3 kits available. #1 for light/dark brown, #2 for dark blonde to medium brown, and #3 for blonde to dark blonde. The kit is available at Boots for £6.99. It is already out in some other European countries, and the L’Oréal site says it’s sold in France as well. Haven’t seen it around yet, but have to be honest that I’m not really going to “the drugstore” (aka Monoprix, yes the supermarket) that much in France. Couldn’t really find a set price, I did see that the price is around the 10 euro mark, which is okay for hair dye. And an absolute bargain if you compare it to salon prices.

Am I going to get this and try it? Maybe. It’s really tempting as I’ve seen a lot of pictures, and some do really look good! Let me know what you think, and please give me some advice on what I should do!

Have you guys tried this out yet?