MUJI | H&M Haul

So last weekend I did a bit of shopping. Well actually you can’t really count it as shopping… it’s more getting some necessary stuff ha ha;-) 

I went to MUJI and got a mini bloc-note with to do tick boxes on it. Perfect for me, have been using it loads already. Another thing I got at MUJI was blotting paper. I just got it because I’m almost running out of mine. I tried it the other night, and I have to say I’m impressed! It doesn’t take your make up off or anything, just the oil. For me I have to blot with another one, just to be sure to be shine free. But I’m an extreme case. I think it’s a good product, and honestly didn’t expect it at all!

Went to H&M to look for some black flats for nights out, as I totally ruined my Tommy Hilfiger ones during a rainy day. Instead I came out with a fun peplum/lace top (below), and some wedges. The wedges look great on me, though I say it myself. The down point is that it totally ruined my feet. The bone just below my big toe is swollen on both sides, and a bit bruised, and my heel is scraped open. When I got up the next morning, my heel was bleeding. Oh well, dried blood of course. No it wasn’t me partying hard, and doing crazy things. Nope, it was most definitely the shoes. Schade. I hope it’s just because I was wearing them for the first time, because I really like them! 

So that was my haul. Also got some minor stuff that is not worth mentioning at all (like a spoolie, tights, mineral water, and cookies;-).

Have you been shopping lately?