Paris through the lens…

… of eh, my iPhone. So last weekend I had my two best friends over from back home. I took them sight seeing, shopping and did a speedy Paris tour these two days. I thought it might be a fun post to read for my readers who’ve never been to Paris. Or just those who like to read about Paris;-)So, on Saturday my friends arrived at 6.45 in the morning in Paris, which is when I had to pick them up. Very early indeed, but we managed just fine. We could crash for a few hours at my place, you know how difficult my landlady is, before we started our hardcore Paris tour. We had breakfast, baguettes avec fromage bien sûr! After that the tour began.First stop? You guessed it right, the world famous Eiffel Tower! I didn’t take many pictures of the places we’ve been to, because well… I already had my fair share of sightseeing around Paris. Been there for 4 times, and now I’m living here. But did snap some shots with my phone of the places I’d like to share with you guys. Enjoy!

All in all, I had the greatest time this weekend with my besties here. Thank you girls so much for coming by, it means the world to me:-) Too bad the weather was horrible, rain and clear blue sky on and off – more rain than blue sky though. Autumn has officially kicked in, and because of the weather changes I got the flu last week. My throat was sore the entire weekend, but I officially lost my voice yesterday. Not sounding any better today, though I feel less sick. Hope all of you are doing well, are healthy, and still have your voices! 

Have you ever been to Paris before?