To Buy or Not To Buy…

…that is the question I ask myself several times a day. I have been thinking about getting HUNTER boots for over a year now, and I still haven’t made the jump. Why? I honestly have no idea. I guess I’m just afraid they won’t suit me in a way. Recently they got into my radar again, and this time I’m crushing on the short Wellies in navy.

But I’m still very unsure whether to get them or not. I can get them for a good deal, so money is not the problem this time;-) My main concern actually is whether they will fit me. I’m not the tallest person in the world (1.64m), but do have longer legs than the upper-part of my body if that makes sense. I’m very afraid that it will look very silly. And as I don’t really have the thickest calves, though I’m really gaining weight since I’m in Paris, I don’t want people to see what color socks I’m wearing that day – if you know what I mean.

Oh the dilemmas a girl has to go through every day of her life. Gosh.

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What do you think about these HUNTER Wellies, and what would you do?