Topshop Sale Wishlist

I’m really in the mood of making wish list these days, so be prepared to see more ‘wish list’ kinda posts to pop up this month! I just love listing things in general, it makes me feel organized, and I just love crossing things out. Whether it’s a shopping list or a to do list. I know I’m silly 😉 

But today I received an email, I’d love to receive every month: the Topshop sale started! Honestly didn’t find all the items to my taste, which is a good thing I guess, but managed to find some good picks. It’s a pity that all the good deals are sold out already. And that when it just started… this morning. Gosh, there are too many crazy shopaholics in this world haha! So yes, a few of my favorite picks in this seasons sale.

Are you planning to grab something in the Topshop sale?